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My little darling, Eloise, 4 months
If a 100lb dog and a baby can sleep together, I guess I don't have to worry so much! Thanks!
My month count is zero right now....expecting my first in Feb, but had a co-sleeping question....  Do y'all sleep with your pets too?  I have a little Italian greyhound who is our cuddle bug and can't imagine kicking her out of the bed, but worried about her pushing the baby or cuddling too close or whatever... Any thoughts/suggestions?  Thanks
Definitely buy Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and of course Spiritual Midwifery if you haven't read it yet.  Just reading all the wonderful birth stories in them is inspiring and important to help you trust in the natural process of labor and birth.  You just have to get used to the hippie 70s lingo in SM.   Birthing From Within is a great book, it has lots of exercises to do while pregnant to help connect with your baby, specifically focused on birth art. Maybe not as...
I am loving reading all the great names y'all are coming up with!  We're having a girl and choosing a name has been sooo difficult as DH and I have different tastes....   Edith (Edie) -- my fave but DH hates it. Indigo -- DH's fave. (Pretty certain she'll have blue eyes) Violet -- after all, amethyst is Feb birthstone Flora   Probably we'll end up going with Indigo but having a tough time picking a middle name to go with it.  Don't want to sound toooo...
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