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Cww, i know you wouldn't feel comfortable with HB because you're looking for stats and whatnot but for what it's worth in all the births I speak to women about I never hear bad stories about the hb's like I do the hospital births. I hear some good hospital birth stories and then some nightmare ones. And I hear similar complaints to yours about slr. If you really don't want to deliver in a hospital setting you might want to try talking to equal amounts of people who have...
I used Cara if you want to ask my any questions. She was the best midwife for the type of labor I had- 4 days long with 7-10 hours of pushing. Antibiotics every 8 hours for gbs, water broken the whole time. She has very good medical knowledge. And she is so gentle with a needle. Her billing person handled most of the dirty work with insurance. Sophie that is great you finally got coverage! I hear the self funded plans are tough to work with.
OP, unfortunately the options in NYC suck if you don't want to deliver at home. It's either hospital, St Luke's, or the free standing birth center in Brooklyn. I originally considered homebirth (assisted at the homebirth of my niece 10 yrs ago so have been comfortable with the idea of it long before I even met DH) but then decided our dinky railroad apartment that loses hot water easily and has paper thin walls may not be the most ideal setting for a birth. I looked into...
here's me out on a walk with Goldie nursing in the sling. I'm getting more comfortable doing that and it's a lifesaver for when I'm out with her in there and she gets hungry or starts to fuss. Her head is supported though it looks wobbly in the pic
So pretty! I love the rainbow! And his little feet sticking out are adorable.
Do any of you own a woven wrap? I want to get one but some of them are so expensive. At least the pretty ones
Oh heehee never mind! My babe is 6 weeks today just like the babe in the video
Marie does the legs out version work for new babies?
I only have taken mine a few days which was weeks ago. I'm bad about taking pills and keeping up with it. I was just thinking the other day I wonder if they actually made me depressed. I had a couple of days where I got really down on life and on myself and I just wonder if the pills contributed. Because I haven't felt that way in a while and it's been a while since I took the pills. I should take them again and see if there's a negative effect. That would suck!!! Spent a...
Gabi did you self diagnosis this thrush or did a doc or mw tell you that you have it? I got antibiotics for 4 days at my homebirth for gbs and I was convinced it would give me and baby thrush. Breastfeeding has been going well for us except for that my nipples are constantly tender or sore. It hurts when most fabric touches them. And they're bright pink. I had the pediatrician look into my baby's mouth and she said she didn't see any sign of thrush in there. My babe is 5.5...
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