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Congrats!!! And I think you mean June 10th
Sweetpea you're the only person Ive come across who had a pushing stage almost as long as mine. I pushed for 7-10 hours because my mw let me do physiological pushing instead of directed cuz I just couldn't do it any other way. Anyone I tell about the long pushing phase can't wrap their head it. Like, people literally don't understand how pushing can take that long. Ugh and this was after three nights of no sleep for me. My labor was 4 days from the time my water broke.
Oh what I forgot to say is the wearing a bra to bed isn't a option for me. I go topless or at the most wear a really loose tank.
Can we talk nursing pads? I was told to get some so I had a girlfriend pick me up a box but they're the lansinoh brand disposables and I feel like they're going to suffocate my nips. Not to mention I do believe I have thrush and maybe even some kind of bacteria going on so I don't want to make that worse. I also think I remember learning in my Bradley class that pads aren't good to use. But I know some ppl swear by them. So then I just looked up reusable/washable pads...
Omg moriah your experience sounds so similar to mine though my water broke before any contractions. After my 4 day journey which resulted, thank god, in a triumphant homebirth, I too was EXTRA grateful I was with a midwife and not an OB. I would have wound up with so many medical interventions. Keep telling yourself that your body is doing its own thing and that your baby WILL eventually come out. Best of the best to you!!!
Good luck!!! I wound up taking castor oil 5 times during my labor in many different forms. My water also broke pretty early...labor wound up being 4 days. I wish you all the best-you'll do great. Enjoy the exciting time of meeting your babe!!
As a woman pushing her stroller said to me outside my apartment on my first of many labor walks, "get it done,sister!"
She looks nothing like me and everything like DH!
Oops, my iPhone likes to double post
Marigold Shalom (Goldie) born at home in the water on May 8th, her 40 week due date and DH's birthday
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