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I just gotta ask....you peeps REALLY keep that stuff in your mouths for TWENTY minutes? Twenty!? Don't your cheeks get tired!? 
I feel like I'd want a pump though in case I'm a milk producing machine and it's more than my baby can eat..or something. Or if I had engorgement issues....or something.  Gotta get me to a LLL meeting. 
Bleeeeerg. Those are the same mine told me. Hm, so if I can't get a free pump maybe ill just go without and be a nursing machine. Seems easier (read: I am lazy) But aw, then DH will never be able to feed our babe til he/she starts on solids
Don't worry yourself about the bleeding ut definitely get it checked out as soon as you can. I had bleeding at 6 and 7 weeks but that's about it. 
So, I really want to see a chiro, and even contacted one re: her fees and whatnot. She doesnt take insurance and the first appointment is $300  and then $90 for each following visit. Um..yeah...not exactly doable considering we have a lot of other birth costs (doula out of pocket, MW balance after insurance being the big ones)
i just laughed out loud. ugh SO true though!!!!!!
Man, I should obtain dual citizenship and just move :)   My mom was born in Canada so I can obtain it. I love Canada. 
Hhhm....ya think I should? I wouldn't be against it.    How do I bring it up to my MW without her feeling like I'm stepping on her toes? I mean, if I said "i want to be tested for X" it would pretty silly if she made me feel like I was overstepping my boundaries right?   A friend of mine said her MW didn't start testing urine until she developed higher than normal blood pressure. 
Yeah, so weird.   I always have it in the house too but sometimes it's pastuerized, filtered, etc. I feel like for any homeopathic stuff I'd want to extra good stuff.    I've actually recently tried this beverage that I think Braggs makes...it was a flavored (with grape juice maybe?) AVC beverage. Not bad. Not awesome, I mean, I knew I was drinking vinegar, but not bad. I kind of forced it down. 
ok ive been in denial that this works- for some reason i associate the extra acid with worse reflux. But I am going to give it a shot. Ill be by a health food store today so hopefully I can find a good organic, raw, unfiltered brand.    Um also? I have put the cider vinegar up my yaya, to try to help with strep b and..yeah...i smelled like a salad. :P
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