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YUK! That is as DH would say "el-shtoonko". That means that stinks :P   Your in BK so I wonder if your suppliers are the same. Do you mind sharing with me which suppliers you contacted? 
And I think in the first year of babe's life, having to be home at certain hours to try out a bit of a routine actually wont be terrible for me. I am never in the car, as we do not own one, and we live a very walking lifestyle. Anything I could ever need I walk to get. It would be hard to feel locked up in the house since I can walk one block in any direction and have anything at my finger tips. So it'll be a nice mix of getting to enjoy being out without having to get...
  Well we certainly plan to have our baby close to us. Perfect excuse to get a king sized bed  even though we need a new bed anyway. But I'm not sure if I'm going to be hardcore about cosleeping. Will def have to play that one out and see what works for us. We're staying in a one bedroom til babe is at least a year so we'll be sharing a room whether we like it or not. Our apartment is an awkward railroad layout with a teeny living room and middle spaces but I'm grateful...
Well I believe she follows the Well Rested Baby model. She's a great mother, nurses exclusively, feeds her daughter wholesome food, etc etc....I doubt she would doing anything "harsh" but she definitely follows a strict schedule. 
I'm expecting my first babe in May and while I know I might have to wing much of it, I'd like to have an idea going in if I'm going to try getting baby on a sleep schedule or let the babe determine it.   The primary example I have is my older sis, who has 3 children and nursed her babies whenever they wanted, as much as they wanted. She waited too long to give any of them a bottle so she always had her babes with her at all times because they relied on her for her...
  Oy, I'm using a midwife too, I hope it won't be a problem if I need a prescription! She's a CNM though so maybe she can write one? I guess I'll have to call the insurance co. back and ask if I'd need a script.
You guys wanna hear something cray cray? Ok, well not crazy but, interesting.   When I was in school between 6th and 8th grade (I went to a Jewish day school) we had a couple of new Russian kids join the school. It was a period when lots of Russian Jews were freed up to move as they please and many came to me CT suburb of NYC. I don't know the details but many of (all?) these families weren't allowed to ractice their Judaism in Russia and the boys wound up not being...
ha, and when I emailed my sister asking oral suction really happens? she responded    "omg yeah a traditional practice.     NOTTTTTTTTTT what  I would EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR want.  It was a HUGE scandal a bunch of years ago, a mohel supposedly was spreading herpes."   yuk.
I like Lucy better than Lucille. My friend's girlfriend is Lucia, which is nice too. Lucille is still nice. But I can't help but think of Lucille Ball (even though with Lucy somehow I don't think of I Love Lucy)
oh no, no oral suctioning here. 
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