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Marigold Shalom (Goldie) born at home in the water on May 8th, her 40 week due date and DH's birthday
I liked Rimona which means pomegranate in Hebrew. I also liked Lulav but would have only used it were she born on the holiday of Sukkot when the Lulav is used.
DH and I had a really hard time. To be honest I was convinced I was having a boy so we focused more on getting the boy name straight. Then she was a girl so we spent a couple days after her birth still ironing out her name. We've since gotten a mixed bag of reactions to her name. The most negative reaction coming from my mother. Oh we'll, can't please em all!
I got 102 out of mine. My midwife said the placenta was small but then the woman who took it to encapsulate for me disagreed and thought it was average size. She did the heart shaped cord for us too but I'm not exactly sure what to do with it. It sorta creeps me out actually. She took photos of the process though which was really nice of her. Still haven't checked em out yet.
I had 7-10 of pushing if that makes anyone feel better :P
Congrats Steele!
Love the name steeletig
Our baby girl now almost a week old is Marigold Shalom and we're calling her Goldie for the most part. Her name in Hebrew is Mayim Shalom which means peaceful water. She was born in the water at home.
Love those pics mama4life!
We also had an amazing homebirth. And thank god for it because if I was in the hospital I would have wound up with a csection. Gbs+, water broken for 4 days and had contractions on and off for two days. Thank god I was home with a skilled midwife. My body needed to do its own thing and she recognized that. I pushed for 7-10 hours! Never would they have let me do that in a hospital.
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