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  I'm pretty sure everyone pays the same % of taxes. It kind of sucks but I'm so used to it. 
  I'm pretty sure everyone pays the same % of taxes. It kind of sucks but I'm so used to it. 
  Yeah that's probably how I'll roll. My hours are so short for when I actually have to commute and be at the school and the pay is good so I'll probably try to do it til the very end. And the school I am sure will be flexible enough that if I say I'm going to work til the very end but then need to end earlier than planned they'll be fine with it.  I can also pass off more responsibilities to my coteachers like carrying snack/art supplies down to the room, etc etc and...
2 months, wow! I guess we can't always plan for these things. 
Thanks Steeletig! Oof, I wonder if I really have to get ALL that stuff. 
  Maybe I had the high cost in my head because I've only looked into the Aqua Doula. For some reason I'm drawn to that style more than the inflatable. It's also the style my sister used at her homebirths so I'm familiar with it. But it surely does seem more expensive. The round trip shipping alone is $120.    We don't have an ounce of storage space to buy a pool of any kind. We live in a small NYC apartment and I don't want to ask my inlaws to store it for us. My parents...
  It's a combination of cost factors. We also have high taxes in NY. A third of DH's salary goes to income tax and it makes a difference. I believe Florida has no income tax right? Maybe that's a contributing factor to the differing costs, who knows. 
Don't fret. I didn't feel anything until 20/21 weeks. Trust me, you WILL eventually feel something. 
is there another thread about birthing tubs? i have questions....
Everyone's situations are so different. How about we all move to Canada and get a year paid leave??? Our country is so flippin backwards   (HAAA ttly off topic, sort of, I am can hear my 39 week pregnant neighbor in the hallway of my building with her 3 yr old who just sprinted up the stairs past her screaming "MOMMY!!! I WON!!!!! And my neighbor saying very lazily "okayyyyy" lol just thinking that her 3 yr old is trying to race with her when she is ready to have a...
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