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farmermomma- didn't mean to quote you exactly on the "omg that's hilarious"! i think that was my pregnancy brain first reading yours, having what you said in my head, and spitting it back out. teehee 
Omg that's hilarious. I want to see the follow up video of how much he loves his baby sister once she's here! :)
I think right at 20 weeks I still hadn't felt anything. Between 20 and 21 weeks I started feeling lots of stuff all of a sudden, like out of nowhere. Up until that point I was like ehhhhhh maybe I've felt something but I'm not sure. And then all of a sudden I was SURE. It's like bubbles in my lower belly. Don't worry, you'll feel something soon. 
Oh I am definitely symptomatic. At least blatantly from the YI. Who knows what my symptoms are from the GBS, as bacterial infections are harder for me to pinpoint. I wonder if the oral garlic works as effectively as the ahem, non-oral. I'm hesitant on jumping from 10 Bill to 80 with the acidophilous so maybe I'll work my way up...jumping from 10 to 20.    I appreciate everyone's feedback! So helpful!
I actually saw that post of yours when I was looking up threads on GBS :) Thanks for giving me the link though!   So you think if I should do this regime for 4 weeks NOW, stop, and then again before the 36 week test? I actually have grapefruit seed extract so I'll probably keep taking it til the bottle is gone. 8 Bill of acidophilous seems like SO much!!!! Since last week I've been taking 2 bill a day. 
Are probiotics also supposed to help with yeast? I've got that going on too. So, so, so frustrating not just to have both infections but to have them while pregnant. It's been a while since I've both at once, this is such a bummer. And to be honest if I wasn't pregnant I'd probably get an Rx out of frustration. 
50 billion, damn girl! I just looked at mine and I'm only taking 10 billion a day. Why do you need to work up to 50? That must get expensive!   I'd really like to test for the GBS again next month but I'm sure my MW will want to wait til 35/37 weeks. I'd like to know in the event I should be upping the probiotic. 
Cute onesie!! Good man you've got there to come home to be with you on NYE! And good of you to "let" him go the first three nights. I have to say, I'm having a hard time accepting 1.not going to all 4 nights (I'm going to two and essentially decided I'd only go nights our friends could get the box) and 2.that I can't eat any "special" treats or anything this year. Oh well :) So I'm going tomorrow night and then NYE. We live a subway ride away so luckily I can pick and...
Going to a concert at Madison Square Garden. But sitting in a luxury box (courtesy of my friend who gets it through his work) so I'll have the cushiness of a private bathroom (yay no bathroom lines), a good amount of space, and no one smoking cigarettes directly next to me. I won't be able to rage it up the way I'd normally like to, given I'm pregnant, but it is what it is 
That is so nice you bring flowers! Well actually, I design and make my own jewelry. I could offer to barter that, not sure someone would want to go for it though. The one girl I contacted is getting married right around my EDD so I shamelessly told her about my jewelry if she needed bridal gifts hehe. We'll see how she takes it. I didn't ask for a trade though, just showed her my Etsy site.    Ok so maybe $300 isn't that outrageous?
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