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Another girl name I love, maybe because of my affection for her books is Beatrix. It sounds so cute and old fashioned and British and ooh let's have some tea shall we? And the nickname could be Trixie.    Ok middle names for an Oliver. No requirements makes it hard!   Oliver Mack Oliver John (ooh, but then there's OJ) Oliver Ash Oliver Bradley Oliver (I'm procrastinating studying for the GRE right now) Joe Oliver Maxwell Oliver Kyle Oliver...
Ok so I checked in with this one girl who provides the service. She comes to your home with all the equipment and is here over the course of two days. First day about 2 hours, overnight dehydration, then back the next day for about 1 hour. She charges $300 which seems sort of pricy but also sort of not surprising. 1. I live in NYC and 2. It IS a pretty personal type of service. But still, less than $300 would be nice. I should ask around different service providers but I...
  A girlfriend of mine just named her baby Clara. It's old fashioned and timeless sounding. It's nice. A name that I always think of when I hear is Alice is Lucy which I am surprised hasn't boomed with popularity. I think Lucy is so cute.    I could throw out some boy middle name suggestions but do you have any preferences on the first letter?
Ahhhhh, got it! That's very helpful, thanks. Never would have thought of that!
What does feeling crappy have to do with a high dose of probiotics? That's not a sarcastic question, I'm really asking. And I've heard of die off symptoms but what does it mean? That you take too much of the probiotic and it stops working? And which toxins being dumped in my system? Elaborate, woman!  As you can tell I like details an dI always have lots of questions. 
I started taking fem dophilous last week every day. The dosage says to take one a day for maintenence and 2 if otherwise directed. So I'm taking two. I hope it's not too much to start off with two a day.    What I also REALLY need to do is cut out most bread and sugar but I'm being really super bad about it. 
Yea I mean I'm sure a big part of it is you started off slender but then I've also heard about some women who don't show that much even full term because they hold their baby closer to their back. Not this girl!    That's ok though, I have to say I kind of like that I look pregnant now. I am trying to appreciate being "cute pregnant" before I look like a boat and cute's gone out the window. 
Oh it can definitely be a variation. Actually, my #1 girl name as of now is directly named after a distant family member....my mother's great aunt. So clearly Ive never met this woman and I don't know anything about her personality. All I know is that she lived on a farm with her husband Casper and resided in Ithaca, NY after selling the farm. Somehow I came across the name and decided I loved it and then weeks later found out from my mom we had a family member with the...
20 weeks?? WOW! I am HUGE compared to you!! Just goes to show how everyone is so different. Well, plus I didn't start off small in any way 
Um...I'd just like to update anyone who cares....so I've used garlic cloves up my you-know-what for 2 nights now and all I can is WOW, hello garlic stank. Garlic taste in my mouth AND the smell of it down south even the whole day after removing the clove. Combined with my vinegar rinse I do morning and night? I feel like a walking bottle of vinegrette!    I'm pretty certain I have GBS AND a YI. It's beginning to depress me with the discomfort I have and the overall...
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