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Ack! So jealous of your 34Bs. I'll just hold onto the small glimmer of hope that mine will stay the same size.I know I'm dreaming but a girl can dream can't she? :)
DH and I went to a gathering of friends of his last weekend. People I see a couple times a year. Nice folk but no one I see myself having a lifelong relationship with as I don't have enough in common with them in terms of big things in my life. DH however, because he grew up with them, will always want to be friends with them.   I'm 14/15 wks and this was the first time we told any of them we're expecting. One girl (who really is very sweet and nice and while we have...
Omg I canNOT imagine how big my boobs are going to get. They were big to begin with because I was overweight and since being pregnant I went out and bought a 40D. I do not enjoy seeing the number 40. And I'm just at 15 weeks so I'm scared how big they're going to get. No doubt baby will love the soft cozy mushiness of them but me? Am so not into how how it looks on me. My girlfriend went up two sizes while pregnant and then another size while BFing! I have to try to put...
oh, all the feedback is def helpful :) i think now im in my 2nd trimester ill be able to focus more on eating less carbs....i do think it all comes down to being prepared like you guys have said so im really going to take that to heart :)
Kimble I get that pulsing feeling too. It's not painful it's just something I can't ignore. At first ti was fun feeling and then after the whole day I was like  ok yeah this is annoying now. I havent gotten that terrible ache you mentioned though. From what others have posted that def sounds like ligament pain.   Nice "location" btw though I have a feeling you'd know I'd notice it :P
I just wanna go back to what I was saying about thinking I felt movement- I most def think it was not movement! I felt it all day long for an entire almost 24 hours and it was a fluttering feeling alongside the left side of my belly and a little underneath. Since it lasted all day long and now I havent felt anything since I am going to brush it off as something else. I'll be 15w this Wednesday and I've got this gut feeling (no pun intended hehe) that it's going to take...
Oh...I'm not trying to go on a low carb diet or anything. And when I'm not pregnant I can have the discipline to lower my carb intake, it's just that being pregnant it tends to sometimes be what makes me feel better, and goes down the easiest. So I was wondering if other out there too found themselves carb loading and how they turned the corner from it.   Everyone has given me good feedback though so thanks for all the responses :)  
I'm sorry, I should add that I normally a veggie lover. Just since being pregnant I am so disinterested in veggies. Which is a shame because we get wonderful veggies from our biweekly CSA share and I've been letting a lot of go to waste/compost. I seem to prefer my veggies raw since being pregnant but it's def not something I immediately grab for. Ok, had to get that out there, that I *do* usually like veggies lol.
I'm 14wks2d today and I've been such a carb monster the whole time. I had an easy 1st trimester with the exception of when I need to eat it has to happen NOW or I feel ill and dizzy. And this has stayed with me. It's the carbs that make me feel better the fastest and I really want to start trying to...curb the carbs, hehe. I haven't been pigging out on chips and cookies and ice cream or anything (of course I've had all of the at one point or another, as a treat) I'm just...
oops i gues i was late on this thread before reading all the way through! so glad it went well for you!
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