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Sure, sounds good nstewart- thanks! :)
please excuse any previous typos :)    (clearly "MY midwife" was a typo and not meant to sound like "well myyyyyyy midwife says this" lol)  
Hey everyone! Very new to these boards and didn't know where to start so I figured since I'm always curious about other women's symptoms that I'd start here!   I went to the welcome board and then just decided to not fill out the list of all my info. Maybe due to my cultural background I try not to put too much focus on my unborn baby (his/her due date, the gender, not planing too much in way of buying things for baby etc etc) buuuuut I'm definitely into meeting some...
Hi Nuero, I realize this post is old but I tried to PM you and since I'm new to the site it won;t allow me for some reason. I wanted to hear more about your experience with Cara since I've just signed on with her for our May birth. Hopefully youll see this message! :)  
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