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Good luck sohum! My official due date is my husband's bday but I know the chances are slim of it going down that day. Congrats to all the new mamas!
I want to also get a ring sling. Nothing fancy, just something black and not too expensive. But still quality and 100% cotton. I found one that seems up my alley- very simple, but it's a single layer, not double (which they also sell, for extra support). Do any of you mamas with experience with ring slings know if that would make a difference? I wanted to use a ring sling at least for when baby is really little, up til a couple months and then play around with which...
And congrats to you new mamas!!!!
Oops....iPhone typos :P
#39 of 48 5 days ago jacquelinej Congrats Phils and Pace, that's great! I still think I am in shock that I will also be holding my own soon... I keep telling DH we are in D-E-N-I-A-L Us too.....mayyyyyyj denial. We are still crossing off things from our to do list which is still quite lengthy and just tonight we washed and folded onesies together and were both in shock at how small!
I think you should cut and paste that post into an email to her and send.
Are you still in regular non-maternity jeans?????
My mw says as long as I'm within 2cm it's fine
This will be my first babe so I am new to everything. I am not making my registry public until after babe comes (dont want people buying me things before the birth and we're not having a shower but rather a baby naming after the birth) but I realize I have so little on there. So I figured bottles could be one thing to add to it. But I don't know what bottles to get. How do pumps work? If you want to pump your milk right into the bottle does the bottle HAVE to be the same...
Hehe, whoops, when I said it is so expensive I think I was thinking of the Ergo price because I just looked at my registry (and then went into the store to buy one) and was reminded the k'tan is $50. So it's the Ergo price tag that was in my head :P $50 isn't the worst, plus I used a coupon.    I thought initially to get a large, as my dress size (very much needing to lose weight) is 12/14 but more on the 14 side but I got a M because it really seems like the fabric could...
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