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Good feedback nstewart thanks. My midwife knows I'm seriously considering antibiotics and we've discussed the use of it at my birth. I'm not really considering not taking it, even though it seems she leaves the choice up to me. I'm just so sad about thinking I could be the cause for potentially passing on these terrible things to my baby. Like, my infected vagina. Ugh. And late onset gbs you say? Great. I feel bad for my babe
chewy sprees!!!!!
Oh and in my experience, the garlic mouth taste and any odors go away immediately when the garlic comes out, to anyone wondering. 
I just tested pos for GBS and, how awesome, yeast. Both "heavy growth". Awesoooooooome.    I've been using garlic on and off throughout my pregnancy (tested positive for GBS at 18 weeks with "scant growth" so have done it on and off) but am gonna get more serious about it now. Really not looking forward to doing it every friggin single night for the next 4 weeks though. I also don't want to trick the test (for when I get tested again). I know people say GBS isnt a...
Oh ok I gotchya. Thanks. Yea the one I have is rubber and very bulbous. I prefer to use it in the shower because its a bit tricky to get it plus my hand inside the toilet bowl underneath me. Actually, hehe, I think it's meant for rectal use. Bought it off amazon. It's pretty awesome for what I've been using it for. A major step up from the condiment squirt bottle I had been using :P
Are peri bottles very small? I have this squirty thing I've been using (for internal vinegar/water rinsing) but I think it's much bigger than what you guys describe of the peri bottle. You think I should also get a smaller one for any after birth needs?
Can anyone comment on the baby ktan? I was thinking of getting one. Are they good for newborns? They're so expensive!
...when you are sad and really depressed and hating on yourself? Including fits of crying. 
Ummmmmmm yeah, I should not be watching Call The Midwife tonight! I hope no one else is watching.
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