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Ah yes, the protein, good point. Peanut butter in a smoothie can be yummy. And I hear spirulina is high in protein though I've never tried it myself. I know it comes in powder, maybe liquid also? I feel like othermother would know
  So why not take out the dairy in the smoothie and add some creamy coconut milk? I imagine the canned/fatty stuff would make it yummy...not the boxed kind as that can be super watery. 
I have not been eating well lately. Mostly due to lack of planning and disregard for trying to cut out sugar. Why am I such a lazy ass? I used to be so good- little meat, very little carbs, good veggies. I hope baby is doing o.k in there. I can't wait for the farmers markets to be in full swing. It makes eating well so much easier. DH and I decided to not renew our CSA membership for this year (this was not an easy decision for me...we've been members for years and I...
Actually I think I did a mix of butter and canola oil to fry them in. Sardines would really make a nutritious and inexpensive addition to the cakes. Just make sure you mix the mixture very well to break down all the bones and skin. 
  Get yourself some wild caught canned salmon and make salmon cakes. I made them the other day. One can (they come in the large-ish can) made about 6 cakes. And it's still had skin and bones in there so it feels "healthy". I have also made fish cakes before with canned sardines and mackerel. I haven't been interested in eating much cooked fish this pregnancy. And we usually will eat fish a couple times a week. For some reason it's more palatable into fish cake or fish...
Fertility goddess, that's a great compliment! I am a personal believer that every women should be treated like the goddess that she is, so bravo to your DH.    A couple nights ago when I was stretching my back out, DH said "look at that cute baby bump"- he had never said anything like that before...he rubs my belly everyday, and kisses it and is very sweet but he's never said words like that :) But then the following day he emailed asking if I want to go to a friends this...
Just came across a girl name I think is pretty: Neva. A girl I went to college with named her new baby that. It means "snow" in latin. The couple are both from and still reside in Vermont.  Only thing is that is sounds like "nevah" like a new yorky accent saying "never" but I'm sure they dont think that.  It's not a name I am considering for our baby but thought I'd share. 
DH told me my stretch marks are pretty. I know he's lying but it was a good effort to hold back from what I know he really thinks. 
  Oy yoy yoy, I am almost 35 weeks and I still find myself waking up on my back in the middle of the night! And I don't have a little belly either! I always wake up that way, on my back, and I have no idea how long I am sleeping like that but I hope it's not that big of a problem. I'm always a tosser and turner in my sleep and pregnancy hasn't changed me. 
  Um yeah- kind of weird! What does that even mean? Good thing he finished by telling you you look great!
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