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I'd bet anything it's PUPPS. Mine was primarily on my arms, too, and I was afraid it was bedbugs or something. It's such a weird pregnancy symptom but luckily mine never got too bad. Sorry you're dealing with it, too.
For a stretchy pouch, my favorite is Kangaroo Korner Adjustable pouches. I have winter babies, so I have the fleece one. It's great!
Jim McDonald is a wealth of information http://www.herbcraft.org/
Quote: Originally Posted by tree-hugger that guy sounds 110% creepy--I would trust your instincts and keep your guard up. I do NOT think that you are overreacting at all. you are doing the right thing by making it clear to dd that she should not touch him I absolutely would not let him hold her--abusers can fondle a kid while holding her in front of the parents and the parents might never know what was going on you should read Protecting the...
True lavender essential oil is perfectly wonderful and safe for pregnancy, one of the few EOs that you don't have to worry about.
Such garbage
Quote: Originally Posted by ElaynesMom How close to outgrowing his current seat is he? If he still has a little time you may be able to wait for the new True Fit with the anti rebound foot. If you need a seat right away then you could get the regular True Fit. It rf to 35 lbs, ff to 65 and has high top slots. The Britax seats are really nice, but the truefit may last you awhile longer, has a 7 year lifespan (Britax has 6) and the True Fit is like $100...
BioKleen's Soy Cream Cleaner completely changed my bathtub and grout. I honestly thought the stains in the bottom of the old, old tub were the porcelain wearing away and there was nothing that could be done. A large amount of elbow grease and the SCC, it looks like we had the tub resurfaced It got the nasty grout clean, too! I'm a baking soda girl for most scouring jobs, but I'm so lazy about cleaning my bathroom, I need some heavy duty guns. Bonus that the SCC...
No!! Your dish will explode and you'll have a huge nasty mess to clean up. A skillet is a much better idea.
By wraps, I'm assuming you mean wrap covers? You have a lot!! I'd stop collecting and see what works for your babe. CDing is so personal and what works for one family might not work for another -- personality, wash routine, baby size, etc.
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