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I purchased all the herbs myself and made it at home. I think I got them from the Bulk Herb Store. (They have tea bags that you can iron to seal and use if you prefer that method, but I just did loose.) I also was able to customize what I was drinking -- more or less raspberry leaf as the pregnancy progressed, for example.I also got rose hips, nettles, oat straw, alfalfa, and lemon balm. I think I spent about $65 and it lasted through my pregnancy. I don't think I used...
It's going to be difficult to find a CNM who attends homebirths as they are typically attached to a medical practice (with an OB or hospital). It was my experience that CNMs were friendlier versions of doctors, but share the same medical mindset. If you have the ability, I'd consider a CPM out-of-pocket or even a loan. It's a worthwhile investment! Best of luck. And congrats!
Tammi McKinley, CPM Northern Virginia Midwifery www.novamidwife.org   I recommend her without reservation!
I had a large baby the first time around (9lb, 9oz) and didn't have GD. I declined the test the second time as I didn't have any risk factors beyond a big baby the first time and had a 7lb, 5oz baby. If you have reason to believe you have GD and you or the baby could benefit from the screening, go for it. If you're just doing it because of your provider's remark, I'd skip it. It seemed a little disparaging!
Predicting baby's size is a tricky process and you can easily be off by a pound or two. (So saying her baby is 9+ pounds doesn't mean it really is that big, but it sure means they'll still treat her as if it is.) Perhaps this is something to discuss as well.   http://pregnancy.about.com/od/fetus/f/bigbaby.htm   My first was 9lb, 9oz and my second was 7lb, 5oz. (I didn't have GD.)
  I used RRL with nettles, oatstraw, alfalfa, and rose hips. The rose hips made the alfalfa taste much better!
As far as kegels go, I did them religiously with my first (9lb 9oz) baby and didn't do a single one with my second (7lb 5oz) baby. The second delivery was much easier, though this may be due to the size difference!   I do remember one of the midwives at my first daughter's practice saying that dancers and runners were the worst to catch babies for because their pelvic floors were too tight!   All anecdotal :)
Can you provide more info on where you found this? I'd like to pass it on to an expecting friend. Thanks!
Love it! My daughter once nursed and then said, "That's delicious milk, Mom!" 
  I did the same thing. My daughter was able to understand where we were going or what we were doing well enough for me to say, "Yes, you can have milkies when we get home!" or "I'm sorry, but my milkies are hurting right now [because I'm pregnant]; can you wait until nap for milkies?" I also offered snuggles or food/drink. She was about 24-26 months at the time.
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