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Sorry for the gross topic but I'm so curious as to how this works! I've always struggled with slow bowels. I've tried it all fiber, water, yogurt, probiotics... Recently a local fitness trainer told me about this product Colon Cleanzyme and I thought I'd try it. I've been using it for more than a month and it's working wonders. But I don't understand why. Apparently digestive enzyme disorders are nearly unheard of and enzymes should have no effect on bowel movements. Is...
Weighing in early at 142. Thanks Lilacvioletiris for keeping score and all your encouragement!
142. I doubt I'll be seeing a loss before the challenge ends. I'm okay with that, but sorry to my team! Getting to my goal weight may take a while longer than I originally thought. My legs have improved so much and I'm proud of the effort I've been putting in. I've made some major lifestyle changes and I'm proud of that too. I will get there.
142 here. I figured our my problem, I'm heavily over doing it on our cheat day. Sigh
140 STILL... I'm losing inches and feeling great, so I shouldn't be too upset, but I really want to break into the 130s!
141lbs here. Up a pound.
140lbs here! Stuck it seems...
Today I'm weighing in at 141 (I'm 5'7). I'm hoping some of that's water weight since I'm up 1/2lb from last week, and I've been working hard! Cardio 6x a week and strength 3x plus an eating plan. My goal is to get down 130-135lbs, be physically fit and to have legs I am not ashamed of.
I'd like to join again please and thanks!
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