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Yes, please, make it stop.  I'm getting constant emails from my employer, bombarded with TV commercials, billboards, local news stories etc.  Just heard that 8 million more people were vaccinated this year than last, and yet this is the 'worst' flu season ever.  Wonder if there's a connection.....Hmmmmmmm????...
Absolutely....it's starting to really scare me.  I work at the VA hospital, and the last few years they've become increasing 'forceful' with their 'recommendation' to get one.  They keep a list of all employees that haven't gotten one and last year came around from office to office with needles trying to corner us.  I honestly don't see how they can force employees to get vaccines without taking FULL responsibility for any side effects....but of course they'd have to...
We see Melissa Marr for chiro at chapel hill family chiro (I know she doesn't vax her own little one). Still looking for a good pediatrician open to no vax. Great pediatric dentist is Amy Davidian at southpoint pCediatric dentistry, totally worth the drive IMO .
New Posts  All Forums: