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Quote: Originally Posted by Mackenzie I remember what you are talking about but you forgot the link That's really useless, ennit? http://www.tinybirdsorganics.com/org...woolpants.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Mackenzie Anyone know a free, simple longies pattern? I could knit a babe up some to go with hats I've been working on... I did these when I had known how to knit for only three seconds. They don't have gussets or short rows, but they're cute.
Give her back her bowl, Dude. You know better. It's irrelevant as to why she hasn't made a stink about it before now. You said yourself in your OP she's been asking about it for a LONG time. Ask for your stuff back, too , if you want it. But it's in no wise a trade. Do the right thing
10 in 5th grade is the norm; My dd is 9 and will be turning 10 before school starts in the fall. She'd be in 5th grade as well. Carry on. I would probably ask for testing, but if be careful what you wish for. Good job for having such a smart girlie!
That was fun!
I would like to pay for another member to be a supporting member. How do I do that?
We use CVA. This is our third year and I am pretty pleased with it. I dislike the annual testing, but really, it is pretty easy on the kids (the MAP test is computer-based and you do it at home) and the result don't much matter. They just have to do it to keep their "school" standing. CVA in prticular was started by and remains heavily staffed by homeschoolers themselves. A PP poster noted that the hoops you jump through, all that rigmaroll, is so that they can...
I am interested in the arts community. Farmers markets? Natural food co-ops / azure drops / exchanges?
I asked some questions! I am looking now at a house in Langley while my dh works in Oak Harbor. It's a commute, but not as much of a commute as he'd have if we stay here. (We're in GH right now) :
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