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Well guys... Had my first u/s today... Not looking good it looks like I have what they call a blighted ovum. Getting another u/s from another place. But looks like no baby
I've been sick with a cold the past couple of nights.... Not sleeping well at all. Light sleeping weird dreams. No fun
About 7 weeks along ans iI feel really really good... Only 2 days have a felt very tired outside of that I feel relatively normal. No nausea... Have to pee more often... Very slight breast tenderness. Outside of that so far I've felt great.
We announced yesterday! Finished telling everyone we wanted to tell and therefore posted the announcement on Facebook. There was already a "leak" so we had to tell everyone soon before more people found out not from us. I have a lot of joy now that people know! So fun!
We will prob find out at ultra sound
Due July 2nd My dad and mother in law and nephew have all said they thinks it's a girl Husband thinks its a boy
This is my first! Is it normal to not have symptoms? I'm not complaining but it's doesn't feel real! I know soon enough baby bump will make its entrance.... Oh how fun
Hello! My name is Renee and I am due July 2nd. Im 27 years old (on monday) and have beem married to my wonderful husband for 5 years. This is our first child and we are beyond happy. Any suggestions to a new mothera. Had a consultation with a midwife today which was so encouraging. Looking forward to journeying with you guys!
Feeling great! I have little to no symptoms at 6 wks 2 day pregnant. Had my first consultation with a midwife today! Sooo excited this is my first pregnancy so everything is so new to me. Any thoughts suggestions for a new mother?
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