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Cool.  I never knew about those.  Glad they are a hit.  Baby B is super cute!
Ugh!  No helpful words, but its been a few hours ... any improvement?   My husband had the flu last week.  His temp was 103s and 104s!  I  couldn't believe my eyes.  Fortunately it went down to 101 after a few hours.  So far myself and Holly have dodged it.
Big congrats, CrystalMarie - just what you wanted. :-)
Great pictures everyone!  I enjoyed every last one of them.   Holly is 7 mos today.  She's 16 lbs.  She's uninterested in rolling or crawling but she loooooooooooooooooooves to stand.  Squeals and screeches abound.
Voondrop, how special is that?!  I look at Leora and think of myself - your family is my family growing up.  I was the youngest of 4 and the birth order was boy, girl, girl, girl!  Leora must love having all of her kid siblings playing w/ her all the time.   Holly is just starting to push up w/ her arms.  She has not yet figured out the plank or how to tuck her knees up underneath her.  However, she is very proficient w/ the machine gun noise. ;-)
Oh that is cute!!  Yup, it was our cat Milton snoozing w/ Holly after a bottle.
Yes, keep us posted over here as you soon join another due date club!
I don't have any food inisghts for you, Tenk.  Holly has had avocado and loves it!  She has had apples and is indifferent, but she loves them when I mix some w/ banana.   Holly had her 6 mos check up today (2 weeks late owing to insurance coverage and the 1st of the year).  She may have started out teeny tiny but she has caught up.  She is now 16 lbs and 26" long.  Yay!
Are those Easton's little teeth that I see??
Likewise on the baby-proofing.  Holly is sitting, but still hasn't cared much to try rolling at all.  But she loooooooves to stand.  No signs of crawling, either.  Her legs are very developed but her arms seem to be lacking.  No matter what, she is FUN now!
New Posts  All Forums: