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So awesome, littlegreenlady!  I am glad you are feeling better and better, at least mentally and hormonally!  I am mostly back to normal, but not there yet.  I am still losing hair like mad.  And my incontinence and minor bladder prolapse are still a problem.  I was all set up to start PT for my lady bits but then our life went into upheaval and we moved to OH from MD.  Now that we are settling in I need to find a doctor for a referral to lady parts PT again.  I need to be...
Yay!  Wow, can you believe Aubrey has been w/ you guys now for almost half a year!?
Yeah, one thing I often find myself forgetting is that my baby was born on the late end of June (20th).  And at this age, 3 weeks can represent a broad range of developmental milestones.  So JNajla, our 20th and 21st babies might be as far along as BabySmurf's in 3 more weeks. :-)  Congrats on Easton's scooting - he's showing a yearn to move.
It is amazing!!  Holly is hardly learning at the pace of so many of your kiddos.  She has yet to reliably roll over w/ any sort of motivation.  I think she's decided rolling over isn't worth it and she has instead begun to sit up.  
 Do you just use raw oats, like rolled oats, or steel cut oats, or old fashioned oats?  I like the idea of milling our own oats rather than rice cereal.
Hilarious, Cuau!!
kitteh, Amelia might be a chunker but she sure is strong!!  Impressive.
Hahahah, love it!!FarmerMomma, not sure where in IN you are, but look out today.  You are in for a crop of strong thunderstorms.  Stay safe!
 I have one of those, too! :-)Will be fun to see if your son ends up being left handed and my daughter ends up being right handed.
So serene!  What did you do for swimming diapers?
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