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Wow, Quest looks like a BOY, not a BABY!  I'm w/ Kitteh and can't believe its already November!
Check out Holly during her maiden Johnny Jump experience.  She looooooved it, and still does.  She gets an exersaucer at daycare, too.  She may not roll (much) or crawl yet, but she digs this thing. :-)
Thanks for the tip!
Holly loves her Johnny Jumper!  I swear she is going to skip rolling and crawling and go straight to walking.  All she wants to do is be upright w/ her legs pushing on your lap or the ground.   She has rolled several times, both directions, but she shows no motivation to keep doing it.  When she is on her tummy she will prop to her elbows but not to her hands.  So no worries, ladies, Holly is not an early mover, either.
Hi, I thought I'd check in.  I have done 3 post-partum runs.  I am super slow, but I can still run 2+ miles w/o stopping.  I am impressed w/ myself!     I am up just 4 lbs over my pre-preg weight.  I was shocked when I stepped on the scale the other day and saw 126.  I was more expecting 136!  I think the move to OH this past month has really put a damper on eating enough calories in a given day - I find I am too busy to eat!  Even though I am only up 4 lbs, none of my...
My linea negra is fading quickly.  I can see mine still but I have to look really closely.   Congrats, JNajla!  Good family-work life news abound!!  We have good news, too.  My husband got a new piloting job!!  But its in Cleveland, OH.  So we up and moved last month.  Now we are living in Ohio while I work remotely (could keep my DC job), my husband is employed again, we have a mortgage that is about half of our DC mortgage (we need to get that house sold PRONTO), and...
 Yes!  Like crazy for the past month or so.
 What is entailed in mental leap 4?  Can you share ... I don't have the book?
Awesome!  So glad to hear you all are starting to put your tots in the jumpers!  We have one, too, but haven't had a chance to try Holly out in it.  We are moving next week so everything is all packed up for the movers to load up.  Our new house will have a few doorways that will be good candidates for the jumper.  How long do they last in the jumper before they start to get frustrated?   Do any of our DDC members live in OH?  That is where we are moving.  I am sad to...
We had been ttc for the better part of a year.  My cycles are all over the place irregular (and long) and his schedule often left us missing the window.  In 10 months I had only 6 cycles.  The 7th cycle finally took.  I found out on 12 DPO at the encouragement of a friend to test.  I was feeling my normal PMS cramping.  She informed me those could be implantation cramps.  I humored her and tested just to get her off my back.  It wasn't even FMU and I had a BFP.  I was...
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