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Very good point!!!!  
Thank you! I am praying with all my might that my children will grow up understanding that everything that we are going to struggle through is only a struggle because I love them so much!
Haha! Make it a move to Missouri and you've got yourself a deal.  
My biggest fear is that because of all the stress and sadness I am currently dealing with and will probably deal with after the birth of baby number two, that I won't be able to be there 100% for my children. my financial situation is also not helping. I keep trying to make it my daily mantra that I am strong and can do this again but it is truly the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with.
Thanks, girls! It is definitely helpful knowing that other parents see what I am doing as a wise decision. I will look into getting some counseling as soon as financially possible. It would more than likely help me as a mother and as a woman.  
Hello! I just found out last week I am expecting my second child in July of 2013. I have a four year old son already with someone I chose to leave out of my son's life. I have only been dating since he was born. Recently, I got into a committed relationship with someone whom I love and who I though loved me. I accidentally got pregnant. Right before we found out we started having issues. He thinks they are not fixable, he's not willing to try for me, him, or our future...
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