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Excellent - you're taking such good care of yourself and your babies!  All that research and questioning can be exhausting and stressful, I know. 
Let me know what you think of it if you end up taking it! :-)   Did you get my PM about OBs in your area, by the way?
Hi JessMN!  Thanks so much for your input!  By the way, my friend in Seattle strongly recommended the multiples class given at UW: http://www.uwmedicine.org/patient-care/our-services/medical-services/obstetrics/patient-education/pages/classes.aspx I'm glad you've hired a doula 
Yes, I'm definitely planning to emphasize nutritional guidelines, since that's really foreign territory to so many OBs and MFMs.  Preterm labor signs and symptoms will be covered in the first class, for sure. And I've sent a survey around to various midwives and OBs in the area to get some feedback on how they typically manage multiple pregnancies, so I'll have that info handy for my students.  Thank you for this input!
Hi SouthernMommie!  I was hoping we'd get some more feedback in this post, but I also didn't want to let your question just hang there unaddressed. What will happen in between the babies' arrivals will depend a lot on you and your care provider, and you should absolutely ask your provider how they anticipate that in-between time will go.  Generally speaking, Baby A's cord will be clamped and cut, and hopefully Baby A will given to you right away and any assessment done...
I haven't had a VBAC after my twins (haven't had any births after my twins, actually), but wanted to quickly say that your friends and family are working with outdated information. Encourage them to do some research before chiming in about your decisions. Not sure where you are located, but I hope you will be able to find a VBAC-friendly practitioner to help you reach your goal :-)
Hello Mamas!  I am going to be teaching Childbirth Education for expectant parents of multiples, and I was wondering if anyone would like to share with me some things that they wish someone had told them about multiple pregnancy, birth, or newborn parenting while they were pregnant?  If you are still pregnant, what would you most want to cover in such a class? I am a mother of twins (who are about to turn 5, OMG), so I've been through it myself. I'm hoping your...
New Posts  All Forums: