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I also think vaccines are a wonderful thing. When I was doing research into them and realized the public health implications of vaccinating, how it has to do with more than just protecting my own baby, that really sealed the deal for me.   C got her shots Tuesday and was definitely groggy the next day. It was hard to watch her scream in pain/confusing after getting jabbed, but as I was comforting her I told her that it was much better than getting some awful...
J&J, the last little boy I nannied didn't roll from back to front until the day he turned 7 months old! He also never crawled, but he started walking at 11 months. He's now a super smart and active 4 year old. I think all babies are really different in terms of those physical milestones.
Oh my goodness, I am in love with all these adorable pictures! Thanks for making this thread, rf :)   This pic is blurry because Clover wouldn't smile when the camera was in front of my face, so I had to hold it next to me. Guess the autofocus liked that towel instead. But even out-of-focus, this face cracks me up!           
 I use microfiber inserts in my pocket diapers and I think they're great. I just thought I had read that because it is *so* absorbent it could dry out/stick to a baby's skin, especially in the diaper region. I am not willing to try and find out. Just thought I'd throw it out there.
rf, are you putting the microfiber up against your baby's skin? I thought that was not recommended because it could dry them out too much.    I tried out a flat diaper for the first time yesterday and loved it! It does get much trimmer than a prefold. Too bad I only have 3. Maybe when she outgrows this size of prefolds, I'll buy a few more flats so I can have them on hand for the next baby, too :)
rf, I started using pockets at night specifically to address some of the things you wrote about. Clover stopped waking up just for pee diapers, which led to some mega leaks, not to mention me feeling uncomfortable with her skin being wet for so long. Pocket diapers have a fleece inner that goes up against the baby's skin and wicks away the moisture.  I had a couple pockets and ended up liking them enough to buy a few more. You can get them for under $10/diaper, and they're...
 Yeah, my pump has letdown mode. The problem is I don't *get* letdown with the pump anymore, even if my breasts are obviously full. Maybe I will try changing the flange size, though. I hadn't thought of that!
I actually don't unstuff my pockets and have only had one insert not come out in the wash. But I do only use them for nighttime.    Rainbownurse, we have that same paisley Sunbaby. So cute.
 I've seen that and it is helpful! Thanks for the reminder. I just told somebody about the site with all the pictures and now I can't find it again to share with her :-/
Love those birds!!   Has anyone else come across a webpage that has lots of women of different body types/shapes/sizes using wraps of different lengths to show the carries each woman can do with different wraps? I found this a couple weeks ago, but I can't find it again. I'm already contemplating a shorter wrap for when Clover can sit up a little better...: )
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