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For what it's worth, I am bordering on oversupply here, and when Clover sleeps for a 5+ hour stretch as she has been doing lately, I sometimes want to pump to relieve pressure/add to my freezer stash. Even when my breasts are almost painfully full, I sometimes can't get any out via the pump. Or if I do, it takes a lonnng time on the high speed + (sorry, tmi) sometimes a little help from the husband to get things going with a human mouth . I think at this point I'm just so...
I have an 15-pack of OsoCozy flannel wipes which I really love. I also have a bunch (maybe 2 doz?) homemade wipes someone gave me. They're nice, and I use them for spit-up or a refreshing wipe after pee, but for poop I always go for the OsoCozy ones. I have never come close to running out of wipes since I do diaper laundry every other day. I also just use water so far with no issues!   I also wanted to share in this thread that I've worked out an awesome nighttime...
Okay, I'm starting to realize that I really have a super chunk baby -- at my 6w postpartum appointment yesterday we weighed her and she is 12 lb 5 oz. She was 7 lbs at birth. Thankfully she is slowing down a *little* because she was definitely on the pound-a-week plan for the first month. Yikes.   Here's one of my favorite pictures, from when we were "chatting" a week or so ago:
Totally agree with Kalista -- gotta start thinking outside the bed!   I've been putting Clover down (we also bedshare) at 8-9 pm and she has been great with this. So my husband and I have been getting a few hours of alone time each night, which we were desperately needing! It's just great to be able to cuddle on the couch (and couches are great for other things, too, of course).
 What is it with uncles? My brother is here visiting and Clover laughed at him, too! 
 I did buy it new, but only because I reallllllly wanted the clover design! I have not yet tried the back carries, though I really want to and I keep watching videos to psyche myself up. Even for the front carries, though, it feels much more secure and comfortable than the Moby (which is starting to sag for us, too). I do find myself reaching for the Moby when we're running of errands and I need to pop Clover in and out of the wrap -- for that the give of the Moby seems to...
Also, I have been putting her down for some naps/at the beginning of her big evening stretch of sleep alone in the bed. When I put her in the crib part she wants nothing to do with it, but when I put her in the bed part, she is fine. Maybe the crib doesnt smell enough like us? It's weird that it happens for naps, too, because it's not just about my body heat/boob proximity at that point.   Anyway, sorry to get off-topic. But bedrails! I want some, too!
Oh, I didn't mean to suggest that Clover only sleeps for half an hour at a time. I just mean she doesn't like to sleep in the crib part of our sidecar setup. If I put her over there, she will roll and wiggle to get closer to me. But we sleep great in one bed. Our nights go a lot like Chipi described. She never cries at night, she doesn't stay awake after we nurse, and it is awesome. I can't imagine having to get out of bed....
Chipi, us, too! I can't get this baby to sleep in the crib part for more than 30 mins or so. I wonder why? But we only have a double bed, so I'm trying to get my husband convinced that a bigger bed + rails is the way to go. Why do you want to ditch the crib?
 It is! I love it so much. This one is hemp/cotton. It is pretty freaking warm. I thought it would be cooler than the Moby but I am not so sure. Looking VERY forward to fall weather babywearing right about now.
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