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I hope it works as well for you as it did me. I think it is important to note I also used the self study method instead of an instructor lead class could be a correlqtion? Instructors promising the moon so you will sign up for their class? Just a thought.
I'm sorry I didn't mean to imply she is silly. I just ment to help anyone reading this post in the future. Hypnobabies effectiveness had been questioned and I thought it is only fair to point out that it is possible to have a lovely experience. I would hate for someone to only see the negative feedback and choose not to give this method a chance. However, it is silly to think a cantaloupe coming out of a hole that is normally the size of a carrot is not going to be...
I'm not sure how you were convinced there would be no pain. I used hypnobabies method and it worked wonderfully for me. I had what you might call and extactic birth even. Not to say it didn't hurt. It hurt but it was tolerable. I'm not trying to be condescending but sounds like you didn't know how to use hypnobabies or it wasn't the method for you. I think it is pretty sill for anyone to think birth wouldn't be excruciating. Some people have a lower pain threshold but a...
I got mine back 6 months postpartum. My son is exclusively breasted. Although he did dip a little in frequency right before I started due to teething. Since they popped through e is back to eating normally. Is it possible to loose your period again after it has already started? I hope so I'm so not ready for another baby. DH and I have been using condoms I can't take conventional birth control pills.
At first glance, An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton was interesting. It's about having big, fantastic dreams. Which is okay in theory, but he berates having dreams about practical things. While I'm all for kids using their imaginations to the fullest, the book just rubbed me the wrong way. He criticized dreams of useful items like automobiles and encouraged "rocket powered unicorns". I believe we should encourage our children to dream of ways to make our "practical" items...
Finn and I getting ready to walk the dog. We have since upgraded to the Boba 3g. Baby Bjorn is not made for babies over 15lbs.
Finneus Ouroborous (or-obo-rus) Both husband and I are very pale. Finneus means "fair" or if spelt with a Ph means "the oracle" and Ouroborous is a symbol of a serpent eating its own tail used to symbolize the eternal cycle of life and rebirth or something that eternally recreates itself. Please for humanity stay away from the top 100 names. We are drowning in conformity. :|
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