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My ds is 2.5 years old now and I have always nursed/rocked him to sleep. When I became pregnant again, I couldn't do that anymore, so my dh took over the nighttime routine. During that time we visited my parents and left him there for 2 days. During that time he decided he doesn't want to sleep in his crib anymore and so my dad (he is the one that always takes care of him) layed down with him on a big bed until he fell asleep. Needless to say he never slept in a crib again...
I had my first son at home and am pregnant again and want to have a homebirth with this baby as well. I'd really like to have my son with us, he will be 2 in July and the baby is due 9/24. I want to prepare him as much as possible but will plan on having somebody there that's just going to take care of him. I keep telling him about the baby but I don't think he understands much. Does anybody have tips or book and video recommendations on how to best prepare my son? :...
We are moving to Munivh/Germany in mid June and I need to find a homebirth midwife. My baby is due end of September. I had such a great experience last time around, that I need to find somebody that's at least half as good. I wish I could import my midwife to Germany Anyway, any leads are highly appreciated. Stefanie, mom to Max 7/14/00 and #2 EDD 9/24/02
MaddiesMoms, Rooibos or Red Bush Tea is from South Africa and is a great tasting herbal tea. It has lots of vitamins and minerals and is rich in anti-oxidants. It is safe in pregnancy and african women actually drink quite a bit of it and give it to their babies as well because it helps colicy babies. There is some info at http://www.just-rooibos.co.za/pages/rooibos.html if you're interested. I LOVE it.
I really loved the birth ball during labor as well. Ds was posterior and I had a 29 hour labour at home, so sitting on he ball, leaning on the bed with pillows under my arms and dh massaging my back, REALLY helped! And then once ds was born, I used to sit on it to bounce him to sleep. He loved it!
I don't bathe my ds every day either. He usually gets a bath every three to four days. I do wash his face, hands and diaper area with water and soap every day of course, but I really think that it's not good for their sensitive skin to be submerged in water every day. I think it dries up the skin and unless my ds rolls around in dirt, he doesn't get really dirty enough to give him a bath.
My 16 month old ds started to grind his teeth! He has all 4 canines and 4 molars (and the front teeth of course) and I'm just wondering first if it's bad for the teeth and second what I can do about it. He does it mostly when I rock him to sleep. Any suggestions or similar experiences?
saganaga, thanks for the info. I tried to find out a little more about spirited children and I guess I do have one! All of the descriptions fit Max perfectly, except that he is pretty good about accepting change. But everything else fits to the point! I might get that book myself
OK, this is probably a stupid question, but what exactly is a spirited child? English is not my first language and my translation doesn't really tell me a whole lot. From what I have read so far I think I might have a spirited toddler as well TIA
When ds and I had trush, my ped told me to put charcoal powder in ds's mouth and on my nipples. You can buy that at a pharmacy in capsules and just open them and use your fingers. Ds didn't mind and it kind of looks funny, too. He also told me to wash my nipples with apple cider vinegar after each feeding, avoid all sugars, fruit, honey, yeast breads, etc. and take acidophilus. This treatment took a little longer to clear up the thrush (about 2 weeks), but it cleared it...
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