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Well, not especially much luck. However, I'vee been going to Dr. Amanda Kaufmanns office. Haven't seen her yet, as she's booked for the next 4-5 months oddly enough. But, my kids have seen another doctor from her office and I told her straight that I won't be vaccinating. She tried her best to make me change my mind, but I got no other contact regarding the vaccines due for both my kids. So far, I think it's good. But if they try to pressure me, I'll have to go back and...
I'm guessing she simply "used" to be non-vax friendly, but it seems that isn't so any longer. I seriously need help finding a non-vax friendly doctor in MI for my children ASAP!  
Okay, just called Dr. Amanda Kaufman's office and upon asking the receptionist on the doctors views on non-vaxing I was told that she is completely vaccine pro and will only do a delayed schedule.....   Are you guys all doing the delayed schedule then? Because I'm in need of a doctor who'll see my kids and won't vaccinate period! Is this just the receptionist talking or does the doctor really, as you guys say, not vax?  
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