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I did the evaluation for myself, and was surprised by the result. But where's the definitions of the learning styles?
I've taken my old clothing I wouldn't fit back into (mostly jeans and slacks) and made new skirts out of them. If you like the patchwork style, old clothing you used to enjoy are perfect.
I only know of two pictures of my daughter nursing... Here we are weeding in the backyard. She's 21 months.
I'm so darn frustrated about Target's refusal to do anything. It feels so fruitless to boycott without them noticing. But really, we don't buy any necessities there, so we could easily make the boycott a forever thing, like Wal-Mart. On the TP front... DD and I use cloth wipes and I use mama cloth, but DW is staying with paper.
Oops, I didn't hear about the protest. My guess is that we didn't have one locally. We're also in a pretty conservative area. My wife works at Target and she's told a few co-workers about the situation... but most employees have no idea. We haven't spent $ at Target since, but our alternatives are limited.
My DD is 27 months. She typically gets vitamin enriched rice milk daily. No dairy in our diet yet.
Another possibility is an allergy. We've done part time EC with my DD and several of her food allergies/reactions result in pee/poop misses.
I've been looking for info on Yerba Mate while pregnant (am currently ttc). A lot of websites have warnings not to drink it while pregnant or bf. But it is unclear if they have a reason for the warning. They could be advising on the side of caution, because they don't know if there'd be any problems. I'm going to stick to organic green tea, to be safe. Looks like green tea has many of the same antioxidants and other helpful stuff as mate.
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