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Circ for a non retractable foreskin should be a very last resort but many Dr's would rather cut first instead of trying other things. The first line of treatment should be stretching with or without the aid of steroid cream (this is for adult males not children) If that proves to not work because of scar tissue then a small slit can be done at the tip to allow for retraction. If the foreskin is left alone to develop naturally and retract when it is ready to the odds of...
It is very possible that it isnt an infection especially since you have not mentioned swelling. He could be experiencing pain associated with normal separation. During that time pain will often come and go as the new skin is exposed to urine kind of like a paper cut. He is on the young end for separation by it is very possible. The normal appearance of the glans is a bright purple/red so that in itself dosnt mean infection.
Since it happened after swimming my guess would be that it caused irritation. I would put soothing balm of some sort on it and my guess it will feel much better within 48 hours but if not then he has probably developed yeast or a slight infection and will need treatment for that.
It wasnt forced retraction since the glans where not exposed. I am not sure why she did what you described but I know many do it. If you where uncomfortable with it then you can ask that she not do it again if you see her. No harm done from the description.
If the "bridge" is on the very bottom then that is his frenulum and it could be a bit tight. As he ages that will loosen up in most cases. If it does not then there is a pretty simple procedure that can be done to fix it. It could be that he has yeast and not an infection in which case the abx will make it worse. If it is an infection then the abx will fix it. Talk of circ is way out of line in this case. I would also look for an intact friendly Dr. near you in case...
It could be as simple as a little diaper rash since you noticed it after night time. I would watch it and If it gets worse I would start to think yeast. Sometimes little pimple like things come up on the penis though I dont know why but they usually go away on their own without causing an issue.
OK all year I was thinking Wow the CAC has stopped getting any posts at all, what happened. I should have checked but it didnt occur to me since last year I was seeing new threads pop up.
Thank goodness you got a urologist who was able to help your ds without cutting and thank you for updating.
I was wondering about this as well. Why the change? I dont think it is a good idea and gives the wrong impression ie that Mothering is no longer anti circ.
I hope you got help for your ds. paraphimosis is an emergency and severe damage can result if it isnt fixed ASAP
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