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I subscribed to 2 forums where I wanted to say any new posts pop up but I just looked in the forums and there are multiple new posts that I never got a notification on. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?
It could be years yet or it could happen sometime in the near future. As long as he is able to urinate I wouldnt worry.
Circ removes so much from not only the man but his future partner as well. You need to do a lot of reading on this subject if you still dont see why it is such a BIG deal to cut off such an important part of the penis.
Amelia Earhart
If it was yeast then abx will make it worse that is why a swab is so important. The baths are a good idea so keep those up. Odds are if it is an infection it will start to clear up very soon. It is possible that he is starting to separate as well which can sometimes cause bad swelling and pain you can read more about that in this thread http://www.mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?t=764732 I hope your ds feels better soon and honestly as long as he is urinating (4...
There needs to be more men standing up on this subject.
Boo to the Dr hurting your ds and that you have a urologist now you can trust. Hope your ds is feeling better.
The process of seperation does no happen all at one time. So it is normal to have one or 2 spots still attached at any given time. The steroid cream is used to loosen the tip of the foreskin in those that have true phimosis to allow retraction.
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