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It sucks that it has become so "normal" People are rightly concerned about child abuse yet this one subject is not seen in the same way at all,. I cannot understand that .
I am so glad you got a good Dr. they can be really hard to come by. The VCUG is where they place a catheter into the bladder then fill it with die and see if it refluxes back into the kidneys if it does then there is an abnormality and usually they put a child on abx long term to keep infections under control. Since untreated infections eventually lead to kidney damage. My dd had it done at 18 months and it was a bit traumatic because they have to hold them down and...
The only way to know for sure if it is a UTI is to take the sample in and have them test it. If it is a UTI then he does need abx and if it comes back again then he should have the VCUG test which checks for urinary abnormalities, UTI has nothing to do with having a foreskin so no need to worry about that. If it isnt a UTI then you can refuse abx. or take the script and not get it filled.
I am having issues with how the page looks once it is loaded. I am not having issues with any other forum or page on the web so I am not sure what might be going on. I deleted my cookies and it didnt make a difference. I am running Windows XP with the latest Fire Fox browser. Here is what my signature page: And here is what this page looks like see the upper left corner where the Mothering logo is:
Odds are given time your ds will figure it out on his own but you can actually show him how to retract just enough to expose the urethra at the tip of the glans. Since he is just 2.5 you will probably have to show him as long as you are gentle it shouldnt be an issue. My ds actually had the same issue with the foreskin being more full on the bottom than the top leading to the opening to be more toward the top and causing urine to arc up instead of down he taught himself...
A good diaper cream should help a lot. Unless it is yeast in that case you are going to need to strip your diapers and use the nistatin cream to clear it up.
It has came up a few times with my dd who is 11 because of my bumper stickers. I am very vocal in my opposition to RIC and dd knows it. When she asked about what was removed I pulled up drawings on the net to show her. Ds hasnt asked any questions yet but when he does I will follow the same lines of conversation.
I hope you can find a way to convince him but if not then you will have to put your foot down like many other mama's here on this board have done and just say no. Most dh's eventually come around and while they dont always become intactavists they do eventually let it go. Good luck.
At his age a simple swish in the bath is all you need to do still. As he ages you can start talking to him about retract, rinse, replace. What you have read is accurate 10 is the avg. age but any time up till then and even later is normal. When he can retract it all the way you will be able to see the whole glans like a circed penis but that may be years or just a few weeks away. Odds are he wont hurt himself but a little irritation after ruff handling can be expected...
Keeping in mind that the normal color of the intact glans is a bright red/purple color and the urethral opening is often a bit darker in general. It could be that he is starting the separation process which can cause a bit of discomfort. Adding a barrier cream like you did with your dd's is fine and may help sooth things. I would let him do the retracting and dab the cream on what you see. Even if it dosnt help much it wiont hurt a thing either.
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