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http://www.thewholenetwork.org/intact-friendly-doctors.html Here is a link to a pretty good intact Dr. list by state.
The natural color of the intact penis is a deep reddish/purple much like the labia and the inside of the mouth. It is often disconcerting to those of us who have never seen the glans of the intact penis. But it is 100% normal. It should also be nice and shiny because it is an internal organ protected by the foreskin. The reason males who are circed have the dull color is because it has been rubbed so much by clothing that the skin has built up extra layers to protect it....
to everything pp said.
If you go to boards where many circ you will run across many many threads about the complications of circ. This board is one of the very few on the few on the net that people can go to for accurate information on the proper way to take care of the intact penis and also some things that might happen that in other countries they know is normal while here in the USA they rush to say circ. Many complications of intact have nothing to do with the intact penis but the fact that...
Based on where the opening is determines if surgery is needed or not. The opening on the glans usually dosnt need it while on the shaft it would need it. By all means if you feel something is wrong have it checked but also keep in mind that an opening on the glans is fine even if not centered. I can understand a hole being below the natural hole being a problem and by all means it should be fixed but the foreskin should not be sacrificed to do so.
It is very possible that the recent pain is from the retraction process starting. At 9yo even mentioning the possibility of cir tells me the Dr. dosnt understand normal foreskin development. Here is a thread you should find helpful http://www.mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?t=764732 and yes ballooning is 100% normal and part of growing up for many intact boys. I honestly wouldnt bother talking to the Dr. since your ds is already back to normal right? Circ is...
At 12 years old he is still to young to worry about him not retracting. Since he is just starting to show signs of puberty odds are it will be awhile yet before he becomes retractable. The steroid cream even if it had worked his foreskin would have went back to its natural state ie not retractable until his body was ready to make the change. He in NO way needs a circ what he does need is time and for Dr's to stop messing with his penis. You said it yourself he has no...
I just found thees images on google of brick dust Ds's wasnt nearly that dramatic thankfully or I would have
I cant even imagine trying to keep up with both and it that hot and them growing so fast. Him refusing a bottle could very well be causing him to be a bit dehydrated. Offering water is a good idea I think. How about posting over in the bfing forum if you havnt already and asking for ideas on how to get more hydration into him since he is being a bit stubborn on taking the supplement.
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