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I don't know if it's the same in all areas but in my parents town they have a yearly event where people can bring their water and have it tested and you get the results right there. They don't take names or addresses.When I was growing up we never tested ours... We just assumed we should drink it because it looked weird lol
That's a good point about the lattice. I remember hearing that kids can get their heads stuck in them too. The thing that really worries me is that our house is 4 storeys. The first 3 floors are open so if he goes crawling up the railings on the 3rd floor he could fall all the way down to the basement. I've already taken the window cranks off all the windows, not that he could work them anyway but one less hazard... I've noticed if I keep a onesie on him he's less able to...
Did you also happen to read that I wasn't the one using the term and it was quoting someone else?
My 1 year old is a testament that hormonal IUDs fail lol Today it's funny and I'm glad it happened but at the time it was nice to know I had options and I wasn't being forced into parenthood. I can't imagine how men feel when they have to wait patiently to be told how the rest of their life is going to go whether they like it or not.
I wonder how it would go over if that's what adoption agencies said to women too.
LOL this is where I got roped into saying what someone interpreted as me saying women don't need the extra 8 weeks last time and then I got told I have a vagina of steel... so I'll try to make my reasoning for my comment a bit more clear this time.    Women get twice as much time because the first 8 weeks is called "medical leave". But just because a woman is on medical leave doesn't mean she isn't being a mother. So what I was saying, is that if they think men only...
I could be wrong, but isn't it better to have the strap below your belly even if you're not pregnant? Mine kind of sits on my hip bones and it's much more comfortable than up around my waist. 
  If you read my comments in context, you'll see that the argument was that men should also have what women are getting, not that women should get less.   I'm still kind of new here so I'm not sure if I'm just not communicating my points properly or if people just have an uncontrollable need to argue over everything.   Also... sorry for the tone but I'm finding people here getting more and more hostile and it's getting a bit tiring to come back here and find certain...
How do these baby cage things work? lol... that sounds like about the only thing that would work. I've toyed with the idea of using a dog crate lol Unfortunately he easily pops out of any exersaucer or walker I've tried with him, and ever since I took him to the park and he figured out the fun of kinetic energy so if I leave him unattended he'll try to tip himself.
  I believe that loophole has been closed. Self employed people are eligible for all 52 weeks if they choose to pay into EI. Also, professional associations usually have programs to supplement what EI pays... lawyers get $750/week up to $9,000.    The requirement is only 600 hours within the last 52 weeks so it's really not that much.    The biggest problem with being self employed and taking parental leave is just finding a way to keep your business going. 
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