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I had to stop at 10 months also. I just switched to formula. It was really hard at first but it lessens as time goes on. I've been "pumping and dumping" just in case I can go back to nursing... If it helps, I haven't notice my son missing nursing at all, I think I'm the only one that's actually noticed it's stopped :)
I had my c-section at a high-risk hospital so they're seasoned pro's at doing c-sections. They have what's called a "natural c-section" which is almost exactly the same as a natural birth, just a different point of exit ;) However, because of the excitement and possibly the anesthesia, I found it difficult to use my arms to hold my baby for the first few minutes, I was really cold and shaky... so it might be worth talking to whoever will be with you to help you hold...
Their memberships are 100% refundable, so if you find it's not for you, you can always get your money back. We're just a family of 3 and it's totally worth it for us. 
I was at a natural parenting playgroup today and it was brought up that that particular group of people didn't associate with non-vegans and they wouldn't want their young children seeing people eat meat. Is this common? I don't mean to start any arguments, I respect Vegans and Vegetarians, but it never really occurred to me that eating meat would exclude someone from "natural parenting"?
Out of curiosity, how long has your son been on Adderall? I'm not being judgmental or trying to criticize your parenting but I'm not sure I would give a 5 year old Adderall. I've been on it for years, and it is a wonderfully helpful medication but a lot of its effects are somewhat uncomfortable and frustrating. In a young child who isn't old enough to understand and be able to cope, it might cause some of the additional behavioral problems. Personally, I don't really...
Congratulations on going 4 weeks without an accident! ;)   Being a mom to a baby is a very demanding job and a logistical nightmare, especially when leaving the house... We've all been there.   When I see things like that happen, I feel worse for the mom than the baby... babies don't even know what happened and the moms are completely traumatized.
We have both a hard Winnie the Pooh blow up one that's great because when he used to flop around I was afraid he'd hurt himself, with the blow up, you can lean them, prop them, etc. The length of the tub also makes it too short for them to accidentally slip under and/or hit their head when they're a few months older. It also has a suction cup to stick it to the side of the tub when it's not in use.  As for swings, mine was a life saver. I think it's the graco luv n'...
My 10.5 month old son does that as well, either on our headboard or the top of his crib (the two ends are solid so it's like a headboard too I guess). It always seems to be when he's about to fall asleep but fighting it. I'm glad he's not the only one.  
My son cries and is upset by almost everything when he plays with other children. Granted, they're always pushing him around, pulling on his clothes and hair, taking things out of his hands, etc, but isn't that all kids his age do? Other kids don't seem quite so reactive, and I think we make other parents feel bad. Their child can do the slightest thing like pull on his shirt and he turns red and starts bawling, then when they discipline their child, that makes him cry...
Be careful buying them online, there seem to be a LOT of counterfeits out there, even Amazon has a lot of reviews of customers receiving fakes. If you go on the Ergo website they have a list of authorized dealers and a list of known fake vendors. I've been looking for a good deal online also and having a hard time finding a real one.
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