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i dont qualify for chp+ so we will probably take medicaid to cover all those various lab cost and what have. I guess we are gonna pay out of pocket for a home birth.
any suggestions? recommendations?
It would appear the concern is miscarriage or pre-term labor...I get that much...but what is the truth?    I would like to hear from people who have experience taking it in early pregnancy.    Can it be taken safely for breast pain and mood swings during early pregnancy? and in what dosage? 
My boy friend and I just found out we are pregnant today. Happy New Moon! It would appear we conceived two weeks ago (Full Moon/Halloweenish), as I am only now just late with a positive early pregnancy test. We have some time to sort things out but there is an obvious deadline :-) His job does not offer insurance and I am currently in between jobs, though I am taking interviews next week. We both meet with the Health Department here in Boulder county tomorrow afternoon....
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