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We have also encouraged him in getting into sports or martial arts and we gathered info for all the sports and martial arts classes, but he never took interest in going to any of them so never enrolled him in any as most of the classes or sports events start before either of us get home from work, and we know he wouldnt bother going to anything anyway as ps3 and computer are usually more important than anything else in his life right now.
The issue i have in regards to seeking help with our psychologist is we live in northern British Columbia.  population 20,000 on average.  We only have 1 Psychologist in town and she is overloaded with clients.  The Psychiatrist that we are booked with is the only 1 in the area that specializes with pre-teens and teens and he lives in a small city approx 5 hr drive away, is overloaded himself , and he comes and makes the rounds twice a year to all the neighboring towns...
I am a father who is having big difficulties getting my son to have anything to do with school. About 1 yr ago my son has come to live with me, as his mother and step father were having a hard time to get him to do anything academically.  Since he started living with me, we had our ups and downs, trying to get him to do school work.  He ended up getting pushed through grade 8 with a 35-40% grade average in every subject. We were told that making him repeat grade 8...
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