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thanks for responding stretch358.
When I first started thinking about this entire issue, the whole locker room issue kept coming up and it still baffles me.  Makes no sense to me.
Hi Brenda I am 34 weeks pregnant and Dr Rosen will be our baby's pediatrician.  I have been curious how he feels on keeping boys intact.  Might you know about that? I have a one-on-one meeting set up with him soon since they decided to cancel their monthly info sessions- I will ask him then, but I figured I would ask you as well. :)
I am sorry my post is not a direct response to the OP but I wanted to chime in anyway.  I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and my husband and I have decided to keep him intact.  My husband is circumcised and honestly never gave it much thought.  He never had any issues and was ignorant to the debate.  When we found out we were having a boy I got a little anxious regarding this decision.  I didn't want to push my beliefs on him bc I admit, especially in the...
From what I understand The Whole Child Center only accepts new patients only if they are newborns.  I am having a baby next month and that is what I have been told.
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