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I take that back, I bought hosting and such. You can't use a lot of the basic money making features on a free WP site, so it was worth it to buy the hosting.
That's pretty bold of your landlord to do...as long as you all are not behind on bills to him, why is it any of his business what you're doing with your time?
Any updates? I hope things are going well!
Aww, good luck! Keep us updated!   It sounds like Oregon is perfect for you! I have friends in that area with similar interests. You're lucky to have the space and resources to hunt, garden, etc. I'm in an apartment for awhile longer (saving up a down payment and getting my credit cleaned up) so I'm planning as elaborate a container garden as I can, but I'm always envious of those with lots of space!
I just started a free Wordpress.com blog (on my unjobbing adventure, of course!) that I'll eventually convert over to self-hosted. How's the design and photo quality on your blogs? That seems to be almost as important as the content itself. Have you tried writing guest posts for other blogs, and having other writers guest post on your own blog?
Hi KatelynRose! I need to be more present here and hopefully keep the discussion going! I hope your move went well and I'm curious to hear about what kind of work you're finding now in the new location.
How about making a plan for yourself and presenting him with it? If he expects you to contribute a certain amount, would it help him to see that you have a specific path to get there? Can you anticipate his expectations and questions and approach him with answers to his concerns? Maybe prep work like this would help the conversation go better. If knitting can't make you the amount he's expecting, is there something else you can do to make money while building up knitting...
OMG, the vanilla idea is so amazing. I've wanted to do this for forever...do I still have time if I buy beans ASAP? A recipe I found on the tidymom blog said two months are needed...but if I started in the next week or so, I think I may be okay...
I just saw my post above, and I'm frustrated with Elance at this point...people bidding unrealistically low amounts for jobs (we're talking $4 for a set of wedding invitations, save the date cards, and RSVP cards -- $4!!!!!), Elance not providing designer protection like I expect (and paid - past tense, I've since cancelled - an upgraded membership for). Aside from people just not wanting to pay a reasonable about for design work (I've had ONE client - not through Elance...
Wow, that's a lot of interesting work, not to mention positive contributions! :) The parrot training is a unique thing, too! I can understand the ethical questions about it though.   I feel bad for neglecting the group...I started working again last fall, but I'm about to be off on my own again...petrified really...
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