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What is Whole 30?
I'm working on creating lots of content for my blog, posting good comments on other blogs daily and generally increasing traffic with the hopes of selling ad space and getting affiliate income.   Featherstory, thanks for that link! The site looks interesting and I'm always looking for new ideas, methods, etc. How are you starting the co-op? Do you have a store front or space you're renting? Do you do it from home? I'm very curious about this...
Everyone is welcome!  I feel like philosophies like this should be taken the way attachment parenting is recommended to be applied...learn and take what works for your family and your particular situation...no specific rules or qualifications necessary (though a secret handshake might be cool).
      Is it still worth it to sell like that on eBay? I did in 2007/2008 then got sidetracked after a big move. After eBay made lots of changes it seems that most people abandoned this method of sales on there...said sales were low, it was too easy for sellers to get scammed/left negative feedback for no reason, etc. I'd love to go back to it if it is worth the time...
      That's why I wanted to be sure the unjobbing discussion kept going here! :) I found the previous threads so inspiring. When most people around me thought I was crazy to leave my job that was making me dread waking up in the morning, I loved reading here where people really GET IT.
  I haven't considered it...I'm not sure if I have the skills/qualifications for it. I'll look into it though. :)   I have a new, unexpected source of income...I started modelling again recently. I haven't done so since I was in college (which wasn't terribly long ago, I'm only in my late 20s). I threw some photos up on a modelling/photography networking site that I was active on years ago and ended up getting a huge response. I've done some shoots for free to build up...
The book talks about cricket farming and environmentally friendly burial companies as options for unusual jobs that the author himself has experience with. Has anyone else read it? I'm just starting today. Does anyone have a weird way of making an income themselves?   The book seems like it will at least be entertaining, if not give a few ideas for generating extra income (which will hopefully help us fill up our travel fund!).
wyogirl, who did you do transcription training through? I looked into that a year or two ago but some of the online schools were kind of expensive. :(
I think something sticky would have to be the solution since I can't find a spot to screw anything into...I thought about the track idea but there's no way to hold it up and I can't think of an adhesive except for something really heavy duty like an epoxy that could never be removed that would work.
This window in our living room is so long that I can't find a curtain rod that spans the whole thing. Also as you can see in the photo, the window is right against the ceiling so I can't just use two curtain rods that go half way. I cannot hang a rod from the ceiling immediately in front of the window because it is actually a metal air duct there, not just drywall. The cat loves to get in this window and with the warm weather I'd like to open it but we are on the ground...
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