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After this many days of being sick and you are feeling like something is off why haven't you taken her into the doctor? If you even think it could be something more than the flu why not take her?
You can send western union using a credit or debit card. It can be done online, if she has a debit card she can go online and send money to herself and pick it up local to where she is.
Oh Avani!!! I am thrilled for you!!! 
If you know he is doing drugs can you talk to your lawyer about filing something to require he get a drug test?  I would be calling the police in his town reporting drug use at his house, do it anonymously.  If he is 15 minutes late picking them up I would leave, he is forfeiting visitation.  What will happen if you don't show?  You will get slapped on the wrist, the police won't do anything, the corrupt judge will be gone, I would not let my kids go with him, it would...
If he doesn't show up to get them on time is there a provision in your order that he forfeits visitation?  Hopefully he won't show or he'll be late and you'll be gone from the police station.  Just make sure you check in with an officer so they know you were there.   I would also explore the issues with the halfway house like others have said.  I'm so sorry your kids may have to go visit him.
Thinking of you Avani.
I would not remind him.  If he has the visitation schedule for the year why should you have to remind him?  I have no patience with crappy parent behavior like his.  You are not sabotaging him  by not reminding him, he has the schedule.  You are not his parent, he is a parent to your son and should not have to be reminded of visitation that was scheduled nearly a year ago.  I am sure this will not go over well, but Steph you are in a battle against him and you need all of...
Oh Momma, I have been thinking of you all day!  I am so thrilled for you and your kids!!!  Thank God you have a new judge!!!  Enjoy your holidays in peace!
Thinking of you Avani!
Yeah, no way would I go, I would do the best I could to protect myself and my kids from any fallout in case this judge loses his mind because you don't show up.  Call DV shelters, get a plan in order in case you have to hide until this judge is off the case.  Seriously, I know it sounds extreme but no way would I go forward with this guy.  File complaints, tell your story everywhere, get people to stand with you.  I think some of the DV support places and shelters might...
New Posts  All Forums: