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I'm not sure. I'm certainly having a reaction. Headaches, warm flushed face and body, like I'm blushing, lethargic, plus the ear ringing/pain thing, it's kind like I dove down too deep under water, but it doesn't go away. 
Thanks i appreciate it. That would tend to make more sense for us since We don't have much sugar in our diet, I realize that sounds weird since i just said i made cookies and a few weeks ago I made custard but those are rare occasions. I used to be severely hypoglycemia and my body has always dealt with sugar poorly so we keep an eye on it. I'll ask about upping my d dosage. Thanks
I didn't go. I took two naps and made cookies in between. Then at my midwife appointment it became clear that I possibly have a pregnancy induced glucose problem. Blood draw on Tuesday morning. I've had ringing in my ears and pain that comes on like clockwork 2 hours after eating anything. It's squashed my exercise motivation.What a great run! I'm so glad you were able to get some mileage in, i imagine it felt glorious!
AFM - I will go on a run today. I skipped yesterday. :( 
I'm not high risk and I'm told to stop whatever I'm doing if any cramping is felt and to not continue until it's gone for good.  If it were me, I would assume gentle yoga to be pretty safe, yes even arm work with light weights as long as it doesn't aggravate the cramping in any way but you're the best judge of your own body, if anything feels odd, take it easy, which it sounds like you're doing. Once you're ready to attempt building again, I'd recommend walking slowly with...
Oh gosh, I love this so much Crickets! What a wonderful idea. After some research, (this is why I never do dishes) It seems that Crayola Washable Markers aren't considered FDA approved, take that for what it's worth, the FDA isn't always the best source of information but from what I can find, both of these are FDA approved/compliant specifically for use on skin. I hope that helps, those were the only two I could find that were FDA approved, compared to simply...
 I haven't yet found one that fits well with my schedule and is semi-close, but I'm still looking. I certainly haven't ruled it out, but it will just depend. Have your runs still felt forced? With my first pregnancy I didn't start running till 15 weeks because of exhaustion, and there was this mama in my ddc putting in lots of miles and we both had halfs scheduled for a few weeks apart. We both ended up running our halfs, and doing better than expected! There is still hope! 
I didn't think of that, doing something for so long that it stops being a workout. I guess that makes sense though because I can run a mile every day and unless I change something us, add hills, speed or intensity. It stops being a workout. 
Welcomne Phormicola! Nice to have you here. Man, I can only image what 30 miles a week on a bike does for your leg muscles. That's encouraging.
I agree, some days just seem impossible and others, it's so easy. I try to just set a schedule for the week in my head and stick to it, regardless of how I feel. Though last week that was shot.  My sinus/ear thing is indeed better. It was so weird, I never get stuff like that. Oh well, hopefully it's gone for good.  Glad you found some shorts! During my run yesterday it was only 65 but halfway though I was wishing I was in shorts, I guess it's time to figure out what fits...
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