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Looking greats Crickets! That's a genuine bump going on, ohh goodness I love it! 
Thanks, and yes, DD was being quite the Character while I was taking those photos. There was indeed giggling going on. Also yes, everything rounded is new. Compared to my last pregnancy, I'm huge for this stage, but I guess that happens. No complaints from me though, I love the pregnant belly/body. I'm excited that it's showing itself so soon. It felt like I would never show with my last pregnancy. 
 As you should be! I'm looking forward to your pic! 
Todays 13 week baby bump post run. I'm also joining the dirty mirror group! Yuck!  
Tailored business clothes! Yuck sauce, and I'm sure they just scream comfortable at the end of a long day. Sorry mama, better understand your dilemma now
Oh my heavens, those sweet chunky legs look so adorable and kissable. Genevieve has lost a lot of her chunk since learning to crawl and I'm missing it big time.
We had one of those, so scary, I've resorted to over-mashing for the time being.
I do this too for small things, I've read a couple different articles one the benefits of this, I don't know how valid they are but I thought i'd share the one I could find.http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/alicia-silverstone-practice-chewing-baby-food-highlights-premastication-article-1.1052084
Love your sweet bump @MrsKatie! and I agree, @fragolina you are indeed looking radiant! I'm looking forward to having more of a bump in time.
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