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Happy healthy heartbeat, babes growing right on schedule for 10 weeks! What a relief! I feel like I can relax now. Hoping the same for you next week! @innacircle
Me too! I scheduled a visit with my midwife to check the wee babes heartbeat tomorrow because I feels so weirdly unpregnant. It's been over a week of No ms, no real aversions, I'm not even that tired and a couple days ago I ran 3.5 miles like it was nothing. I'm trying not to worry, I know each pregnancy is different but... I'm still worried.
I use the following recipe. I've only made chocolate and chocolate raspberry.1 1/3 cup coconut milk, or regular milk4 tablespoons maple syrup1/4 cup cocoa powder1 tablespoon vanilla extract1/2 teaspoon almond extract (optional)
1/3 cup chia seedsI've heard you can blend it smooth after chilling it, which would eliminate the texture issue.
I'm totally giving this a shot soon. Sounds good. Thanks for sharing!
Lol! I love Chia seed pudding but I see how some might not like the texture, though I've never had my Chia balls be crunchy. How long did you let it sit before eating it? I wait at least 4 hours, usually overnight. Did you have enough liquid? Too little liquid would make them crunchy too.
I've also never had one, but it sounds good and after looking it up, looks good! Mind sharing your recipe? @delightedbutterfly
Ah yes! Bring on the sushi! So so good.
Vietnamese spring rolls with Thai chili sauce, again. I guess its good since I make my own and it seems to be the only way i've been getting any veggies these days. I want them at least once every day, and waffles. Plain waffles. These two things are basically all I'm living on.
Yay Aubrey! What a mover! It won't be long now.
A quick pic of one very happy liver eater!
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