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MamaMash: Violet Naír born 8/19 at 8:08 pm. 6lb 9oz 19 1/2 inches
mrs&mrs you are amazing for nursing two babies! One is challenging enough in my opinion! Keep up the good work, and I hope the twin with the painful latch just needs to grow some more Afm, nursing is going very well (knock on wood). The first couple weeks were painful, cracked nipples, tons of lanolin. But this week has been much less painful. Violet has been an awesome nurser from the get go. She has a good deep latch. So I lucked out there. She is a bit of a sporadic...
He is so sweet! Look at that hair. I'm so glad you listened to your body and did what you knew would be best for you. Congrats! He is beautiful. I love his name.
Congrats!! So glad you had a safe vaginal delivery and that you and Bliss are both doing great. I'm sure we would all love to see some pics of beautiful Bliss
Today is my due date. She looks good and cooked if you ask me
Great pics! Your dd's are adorable! And, obviously so is River.
Thanks Tilly! I'm trying to remind myself how sweet big sis is right now as she's been crying and whining since she woke up.... Nursing is still going well over here. Somedays she eats every hour to hour and a half which is so time consuming. But I know I have plenty of milk so I figure she must need to eat that often. She's getting so big already. She's filling out her newborn clothes now. She's getting so alert. Breast milk is amazing stuff. I've been pumping twice in...
Congrats!! So excited to see pics and hear the story.
He's adorable!! Love love love his name. Congrats!!
So sorry you are struggling with the adjustment Tilly. We've had a few rough patches here too. My dd1 is 2 and doesn't nurse so I think it's been a bit easier for us to adjust. One thing I have had to make myself do is either put baby down or have dh hold her and spend some one on one time with dd1. Sometimes that's playing with her toys. Sometimes it's just cuddling. Sometimes it's watching shows or playing games on the iPad. But, when she starts acting out spending this...
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