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Welcome Jack! Great work Swissmiss! Can't wait for pics!
Wow! I can't believe all the babies getting here by waters breaking. I thought that was rare? Good luck! I hope your labor picks up soon and you have an amazing birth experience.
Congrats!! She's beautiful! I'm so glad she's healthy and latching well.
Congratulations! I hope it's a quick uneventful 9 months!
She's beautiful! Congrats
Thanks ladies! It's been a rough few days. I guess the other shoe finally dropped. When we left the hospital her bilirubin levels were a bit higher than her doctor liked so he wanted us to go back to the hospital lab Friday. He was going out of town but said he would try to call if he had service. I never got a call, so I just tried to increase her feedings and get her in sunlight as much as possible over the weekend. During this time I noticed Violet seemed to be getting...
Congratulations! Does baby have a name? Crazy about the sores on her arm! And I thought mine had a super strong urge to suck because she was basically on my boob for the first 72 hours.
Yay! Good luck!!
Congrats!! Love love love the name Clementine
Yay!! So glad Silas is home!
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