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Your little man is so cute! Your belly looks a little lower this week. I hope you can breath a little easier if my observation is right
letnia I've been wondering how you are feeling too. I really think yours will be the next baby! kali still having the painful maybe BH? nettlesoup- ugh what a pain. I get like that too. Something about night makes my uterus act up but by morning I feel totally normal. I'm only 37+4. Dh and I dtd last night for the first time in probably 2 months. I did it more for him because I know it's been so long and after the baby he'll have a good long wait too. He was nervous...
Ugh vc, I'm so sorry! Being sick while pregnant is the worst!I also can't believe Dakipode is still working! Or anyone for that matter. You are some strong ladies.
Congrats Sheena! You look awesome bromache!
Thank you for sharing your story Bromache! That does make me feel better. I just send dh to the store and told him he can pick out whatever he wants as her "big sister gift." So that's that. My mom is making her the little doll blanket so I'll probably pick up a cheap doll too. A basket for toys while I nurse baby is an awesome idea too. Jenny, your story made me feel awesome as well. My dd's should be just about 26 months apart. I hope they have the kind of relationship...
I'm so glad I didn't do a baby shower this time. I'm such an awkward person when I'm the center of attention. I hate it. My close female relatives and maybe a couple friends are planning a little lunch with some gifts maybe next weekend. That's fine for me, since its a relaxed lunch and not a "sit this big pregnant lady in the middle of 20-30 people and have her open gifts while oohing and awwing over every onesie and blanket" thing. Yay serena! He's coming home finally!...
I agree with livingsky. Newborns are incredibly portable. We took our dd camping at 5 weeks old. (We slept in an air conditioned trailer with full hook ups.) Just allow lots of extra travel time.
Omg they are so dang cute. I'm so happy for you and your wife and their big brother! You are amazing for sticking with and working through breastfeeding twin preemies. Congrats! This makes me realize how excited and ready I am to meet my little lady
I'm so happy to hear he is doing well! I really hope everything he needs to accomplish happens soon and he can be home with his family. That's amazing you're able to sleep there in the nicu with him. Definitely keep us updated on that sweet handsome boy.
New Posts  All Forums: