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You sound like you're so close etnia! I must admit I am jealous
I second dry underwear. So tired of constant moist to sopping wet underwear. Being able to get up without serious pain and effort. As much coffee as I want. To feel like myself again.
Thanks ladies! It was a little shaky there for a minute but I knew I'd keep her in full term. But, can I say I'm so done at this point. Like, DONE. Her movements are so uncomfortable now, she does this weird thing and it feels like she's going to crack my lower back. Blah. 11 days. I've got this.
You look great Serena! Mrs&mrs I love that you got that very last pic. So memorable. I'm full term today! 37 weeks! Hells yes. 12 days until my schedule c-section.
aidenn- my first never dropped (breech), but this little girl dropped over a week ago. No signs of labor though. I'm 37 weeks today.
Exactly what I experienced with my first dd
Now that i'm officially full term I'm starting to stress more about my 2 year old dd and how she will handle this transition. Have any of you gotten your little ones a big sibling gift? If so, what kind do you recommend? The only thing I can think of is a baby doll. But, my dd has about 10 baby dolls already. She does play with them daily. My mom offered to make a little blanket for her to wrap her babies up in. Also, should the gift come from mom and dad or from little...
Love the shadow picture too! So cool.
That's awful! They made sure my dd was breech before they did my planned c-section. I would insist they make sure Serena.
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